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My personal review of Max Workouts!

After stepping into my professional life, I was hardly able to take any time out to work on my fitness and keep my shape. With the passage of time the routine got tougher and tougher and my body weight was continuously increasing. Due to my busy routine I was looking for a fitness program that won’t take a lot of my time and still produces the desired results in quick time. I came across a lot of such programs boosting about how efficient they were in burning your fats with out much of an effort. I even tried a few but the results were just not coming and it was a total waste of time. I had already put on 40lbs by the time I came to know about the Max workouts program, this fitness program was quiet different from the rest and I found it designed perfectly, keeping in view the needs of busy professionals.

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I found the Max workouts based on thorough research and scientific study which makes it even more recommendable. It demands you to be ready for intense workout if you want to burn the fat fast and get in to shape unlike other programs which boosts about how quickly and easily you can get the desired results. This is not just a weight lose program, infect it also promises to provide you with the muscular shape and improve overall strength of the body. The workouts are short and simple and focus on functional full body workouts instead of isolated non functional ones. This is indeed logical because when whole of your body is put through intense workout, the results are bound to come faster than focusing on each individual part.

The Max workout program provided me a complete guide about what works and why. It continues for 90 days and the whole package consists of four e-books that is about a couple of hundred pages. I found the nutrition guide very useful as it helped me get rid of much confusion about the diet that you need to have during a weight loss program. The written and pictorial descriptions and downloadable videos in the bonus package made me feel like having a personal trainer on my side.

Just a week into the Max Workouts program I felt incredible difference. I felt a boost of energy in my body and was prepared to work even harder. With in 6 weeks I had lost about 18lbs and not just that, I felt a significant difference in strength and performance of my body. It also helped me concentrate on my work and do my job in a better way. It was a great feeling to see my hard work finally paying off. With each passing week I kept on getting fitter and more powerful. By the time the program finished I managed to loose another 26lbs and was absolutely delighted to regain the shape that I tried so hard for. In my view the Max workouts program is best of the lot and highly recommendable.

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A couple of years in to my married life my body weight started to increase quiet rapidly and with in a year I had put on 30lbs and instead of 28 I was looking like a 40 year old, the situation was quiet alarming for me as I have always been a man quiet cautious about my fitness. I started to look out for a weight loss program, there were a number of programs available boosting about how quickly they get the job done with and with out doing much you can shape your body the way you always wished to. I took one program after the other but none of them seemed to be working at all even though there was no lack of devotion and intensity from my side. I wasn’t prepared to give up and one day I came across the program called “Max workouts”.

This program immediately caught my attention as I found it completely different compared to the programs I had already tried. Instead of boosting about how quickly and easily it is able to produce the desired result focuses on quality, powerful and intense workout, it encourages you workout like an athlete, with exercises that focuses not only on burning fat but also muscle building. With in a week I started to feel the difference quiet clearly. For the first time I felt that the effort I was putting wasn’t wasted. The intense workout was finally working and when I say intense the Max workouts review program really mean it. Their might be different meanings of intense for different gym-goers but this program actually taught me what intense workout really means so no time for any chit chat with buddies.

The program consists of four levels, each of these levels continues for three weeks making it a 90 day program. I found it very logical to workout for three weeks for each level because this is the amount of time it takes for your body to get used to a routine and you finally get to see the diminishing returns. The program focuses on quality, intensity and power with simple workouts. It makes the time you spent at the gym, precious. The workouts gets intense and intense with time which ultimately help you improve your strength, endurance and speed and that’s exactly what I noticed with each passing week as I felt fitter and fitter and more closer to accomplishing my goal.

The training sessions of the program consists of three intense weight lifting sessions of 20-30 min per week with cardio vascular workout to be performed on alternative days, it also includes an active recovery day and a day off. The workouts keep changing as the programs goes on. I managed to loose 12 lbs in with in 6 weeks and not only that, I have seen an incredible difference in my physique and the level of energy. When you see the results coming, this encourages you to strive for more, by the time the program finished I had managed to loose another 20lbs and was feeling fitter and younger than ever. The Max workouts is something that’s simple and yet works big time.

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